True Life Mission have various ministries. 

  • Church Planting (We have one Church in Chandigarh. We have vision to plant 4 Churches in hoshiarpur (District of Punjab State of India) And one Church somewhere in Punjab State. Currently we are praying and working on )
  • Evangelism (Through showing Jesus Film on projector and distribution Free Jesus Film Dvds and via distribution of Gospel tracts and The Bibles)
  • Outreaches
  • Free Bibles Distribution
  • Mission Trips to Northern India
  • Charity Work (Among slums villages and desperate needy peoples)
  • Free Wheel Chairs Distributions (To those who cannot afford buying Wheel Chairs)
  • Christmas Distributions every year (We help hundreds of kids and peoples every year) 
  • Gospel Meetings (Small And Large Gospel meeting/conventions)
  • Teaching Ministry
  • Marketplace Ministry (We invite Marketplace Leaders to teach how we can bring Christ at Work Place and how we can run our business in Godly way and win souls there too and make great Impact in MarketPlace)
  • Live Services (We invites preachers from various places to receive teachings and have them preaching Gospel Live via video conferencing )
  • Pastors Seminar & Confrences
  • Prayers Ministry
  • Kits For Pastors
  • Bible Studies (Join one of our cellgroup meetings)
  • Free Audio Bibles in Cds/Dvds (We prepare & distribute in Free)
  • Ministry Via Social Media (You can Add us on facebook one of Our Ministry Punjabi Masihi Sandesh delivers One Bible Topic with Bible References every Day in PUNJABI LANGUAGE Add on facebook )
  • Punjabi Masihi Sandesh ( Ministry delivering one punjabi christian message daily via social media facebook. Reaching punjabi community with Gospel and reaching punjabi speaking Christians with teachings. Soon we will be starting Video & Audio teachings also.

Youth Ministry
Mission Trip India

Ye Done It Unto Me

Wheel Chairs For India

Punjabi Masihi Sandesh
Christmas Distribution 2014

Christmas Distribution 2013

Christmas Distribution 2012

Christmas Distribution 2011

Christmas Distribution 2010

Christmas Distribution 2009

Christmas Distribution 2008

Christmas Distribution 2007

Christmas Distribution 2005
Prayer Request : Pray For Churches In Hoshiarpur

                                                    Preaching Gospel  through 
Gospel tracts distribution, Jesus films tv shows, Jesus film projector show , Jesus Film Dvd's distribution, we had tution school for poor kids where we was providing study to the poor kids in free, and also we were supporting 3 missionaries, due to lack of funds we closed the school and was no more able to help those missionaries brothers in Christ. We also do outreach Mission Trips in other states.  Here are some pictures ..
 Jesus Film On Projector
Jesus Film On Tv
Jesus Film On Projector
Jesus Film On Tv
Jesus Cd's Distribution
Jesus Dvd's Distribution

Jesus Dvd's Distribution

Jesus Dvd's Distribution

Jesus Dvd's Distribution

                                                                   Church Planting 

This is The First Church We Had Planted
This is second present Church where I am pastoring 
                                          Helping Desperate Needy Peoples 
Wheel Chairs Distribution
Wheel Chairs Distribution

Wheel Chairs Distribution

Wheel Chairs Distribution

Wheel Chairs Distribution

Small Self Buisness Providing To Poor Families 

Like this cycle rickshaw we helped bought new and second hand cycle rickshaw to 3 families so that they make living for their family by their own ... 
                                                         CHRISTMAS DISTRIBUTION

Each year Christmas Distribution to poor kids and peoples, We distribute warm clothings, warm blankets, food, toiletries, study material, shoes and much more. As God enables each year we help 200-300 kids. We thanks God that He is using us for His Glory and share His Love to peoples around us ..

                                Church Kit For Pastors and Evangelist (Coming Soon)
With the grace of God . God helped me to travel so many places in other states and helped me to meet other pastors and evangelist and through our own ministry life experiances also. I understand the major needs that any missionary evangelist or pastor needs. Especially when he starts mission work he need room, carpet, few musical instrument, some bible for new believers, tracts for outreach and fan and lighting in church. I have gone through same needs. And i believe that we should help those brother in Christ who wants to serve Lord and soon i believe when God enables us. We will start this contribution. This is on my heart from last many years. and whenever i am able i help other servant of God with their small and big need according to my ability and availability funds to me .  So in coming days we will be helping and inviting those pastors or evangelists who are in such need of these small needs. No matter from where they are in india.  We just purely want to help them according the Word of God . Don’t need anything toward that. For pastors those who planted new church and are need of carpet, music instruments, tracts, bible,  fan and other small stuffs. With the Grace of God we will help them with small needs. and then they can go to their mission field and serve Lord. May be they are belonged to any other mission or ministries it is not matter. We just want to help them. They can stick with their missions and ministries and serve Lord ...  Just one thing we want to be assure before helping that their doctrine need to be according to the Word of God ... 


1 John 3:17  But whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?

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